C3 Methodology

How We Do It: The C3 Methodology

CONTeXO specializes in providing corporate development, business development, operational and marketing services based on our C3 MethodologySM.   We know that the best business results are achieved when organizations develop and properly position their company and their offerings for an ever-changing ecosystem.  Upon a detailed research and analysis, a forceful pursuit of business and market share goals is conducted in partnership with complementary organizations.  In other words, we apply our results-oriented vision and know-how to design corporate development, business development and marketing campaigns with relevant content, context, and connections.

CONTENT:  WHO you are

Identification and positioning of corporate identity, products and/or services.

CONTEXT:  WHY you matter

Identification and communication of target markets and market competitors, and positioning within that context.

CONNECTIONS:  WHERE you should be

Identify and connect with the strategic and tactical partners that will help achieve corporate objectives, as well as the media and industry analysts that will help communicate where you are.

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