We have worked with thought leading institutions such as Harvard Business School/Cyberposium, Harvard Medical School, and MIT, including serving on the faculty of the Harvard/MIT HST 921 course, and community-leading organizations like the Big Brother Association of Boston.  We are actively involved on the Boards or Advisory Boards of entrepreneurial organization in the Boston area, including MIT, MIT Enterprise Forum and The Capital Network — we take pride in mentoring entrepreneurs and while helping them succeed, enjoy seeing success in new businesses.

“There are a number of high-impact areas where technology can substantially support the healthcare demands of maturing population, including chronic disease management by remote home monitoring or the use of interactive technologies for patient engagement,” said Dr. Steven Locke, Co-Director of the Harvard/MIT HST 921 course. “The research conducted in partnership with Mirena Bagur has created a truly exciting opportunity to assess and think through the design of ‘smart technology’ solutions that will have a tremendous impact for boomer patients and their families.”

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